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Player ID LRGUID Player Names Status Server Name Ban Offer Master Ban White List
100 b3fb9e00c4 AT zitronenzulu;  =}G{= zulu;  zulu;   Offline Yes No Yes
101 3c2cf55a39 DE =}G{= Kr!eger;  *RD*Kr!eger;  [D]Krieger;   Offline No No Yes
102 ac98b3014a CA =}G{= KILLroy afk;  =}G{= KILLroy;  =}G{= KILLroy afk 10;   Offline Yes No Yes
103 36a02c551d ES ItsMe;  FOTO;  YO;   Offline No No Yes
104 c99a6fe3a6 BE Coldplay;  ROXANE;  Buffy ;   Offline No No Yes
105 f8ab0e759f RU -==Saibot==-;  [NNC]Saibot;  Jack Carver;   Offline Yes No Yes
106 7122f27c4f GB [E-s.]vtnklmdc;  [E-s.]vtnklmdc_;  [E-s.]vtnklmdc gn;   Offline No No Yes
107 5cbbf298e6 NL [wte]viXen;  -viXen-;  viXen;   Offline Yes No Yes
108 ea131afc84 NL [wte]BlaDe;  [wte]BlaDe_;  SAD BANTA;   Offline Yes No Yes
109 3adfc2e3ce DE [wte] TomCatGer;  TomCatGer;  TomCatGer_;   Offline Yes No Yes
110 0a77f57ac9 DE RenDhark;  [wte]RenDhark;  [wte]RenDhark_;   Offline No No Yes
111 cf5c9d84d4 PT [E-s.]shark;  [E-s.]shark_;  Shark;   Offline No No Yes
112 2a43b293de DE iLLU;  iLLUSION;   Offline No No Yes
113 cf9bff4e2a HU *[H.FC.C.]* FLoOR;  HalfeyedFLoOR;  conjuctivaFLoOR;   Offline Yes No Yes
114 9288825542 GB A|d|a|m.raw;  A|d|a|m.raw_;   Offline Yes No Yes
115 66cb5274fd FR Jack Carver;  WIFI;  WIFI_;   Offline Yes No Yes
116 55a6e3eff3 CR Destapador de Cabeza;  Destapador de Cabeza_;  [NNC]DestapadoR;   Offline Yes No Yes
118 426c13f224 IL BlackHawk;  BlackHawk_;   Offline No No Yes
119 a5be20f8f8 DE =}G{= GonZ;  GonZ;  Bukowski;   Offline Yes No Yes
121 072314ad0e FR ///icebreaker;  ///icebreaker_;  icebreaker;   Offline No No Yes
122 b44f5fbe46 BE Foto;  [bot] FOTO;  [BAS] Foto;   Offline Yes No Yes
123 f9c68917dc GB =}G{= TOggY;  .::ToggY::.;  K!nGToggY;   Offline Yes No Yes
124 c0bd4a41a3 DE =}G{= 000_;  =}G{= 000;  J.Iskariot;   Offline Yes No Yes
125 24f86ab5bf US Kibbles-n-Bits;  Kibbles-n-GNall;  Kibbles-no-Sleep;   Offline Yes No Yes
126 dee4e7042d NL ELITE||St!nger;   Offline No No Yes
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