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Player ID LRGUID Player Names Status Server Name Ban Offer Master Ban White List
100 dfcd3cc112 zulu;  ÷OVBASTARON;  zulumat;   Online [LRv3] Community | | CTB #7 Yes No Yes
101 bcb5c7f0ca *RD*Kr!eger;  *RD*Kr!eger_;  Jack Carver;   Offline Yes No Yes
102 0eadf1ec3d =}G{= KILLroy;  Jack Carver;  KILLERFROST;   Offline Yes No Yes
103 dd751dd063 -)(PomD)(-Lybiro-)(-;  -)(PomD)(-Lybiro-)(-_;   Offline No No Yes
104 f5e5087e95 Jack!;  TIGRESSE;  Coldplay;   Offline Yes No Yes
105 ada6703b9c -==Saibot==-;  Saibot;  [NNC]Saibot;   Offline Yes No Yes
106 b82639ae94 nnc.FLaVouR;  No-Name-FLaVouR ***;  [NNC]FLaVouR;   Offline No No Yes
107 ae3dd6949a OS|Maverick;   Offline No No Yes
108 d1845d2354 Tony The Tony;  LagaLoT;  Minime;   Offline No No Yes
109 ea5cc5e7e7 TomCatGer;  TomCatGer_;  killingmesoftly;   Offline Yes No Yes
110 23c672c3ef RenDhark;   =}G{= KILLjoy;  RenDhark_;   Offline Yes No Yes
111 9fd817582d S_h_a_r_k ;  S_h_a_r_k;  S_h_a_r_k BRB;   Offline No No Yes
112 a4f5006aae het watje;  iLLU;  watje;   Offline No No Yes
113 9438c44e7a wTc /// HunTer;   Offline No No Yes
114 bb304e118c Dayron [PL];  Dayron [PL]_;  DayronPL;   Offline Yes No Yes
115 f826167479 `gF ///;  `gF;  BlAcKL!ghT;   Offline No No Yes
116 df9220a924 Destapador de cabeza;   Offline No No Yes
117 48e6357c61 mUrad;  Pro Foto;  asd;   Offline No No Yes
118 1deaf1e422 [NNC]GOldf!sch;  Jack Carver;  [NNC]GOldf!sch_;   Offline No No Yes
119 bbb176e748 =}G{= GonZ;   Offline Yes No Yes
120 68bd4d8c9f Solder;  dsd;  -T0rnAd0-;   Offline No No Yes
121 9a2253eaab =TrojaN=;  Jack Carver;  =D!O=;   Offline Yes No Yes
122 52d02aa997 <!<FTF>!> Foto;  <<<<<< |BEL|chouchou;  Chip Muncher;   Offline Yes No Yes
123 df2e44a2e7 FlashBackJack;  FlashBackJack_;   Offline No No Yes
124 6e5259a657 FarCryMANIAC;  Got Dell?Go to Hell!;  64mb was enough;   Offline Yes No Yes
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